Course Maps/Aid Station Information

60/30 Kilometer Course Map and Profile *we are doing the original course for 2021

Aid Station Chart

Interactive Course Map

Where Will I Get Lost?

  1. Top of the First Climb: the trail you need descends to the left, after you crest the high point. The wrong trail is extremely easy to follow, and descends to the right.
  2. Top of the Second Climb: Elk like this area and may eat the ribbons. This is not uncommon.
  3. Surprise Valley: There is no trail. If you lose the trail, just keep heading uphill. The valley is not wide, and you should be able to spot other runners on the correct path. We will mark this section heavily.
  4. Betty Lake: Once you get close to the outlet of Betty Lake, the clear trail that continues going downhill is easy to follow. Take a hard right and go uphill over the saddle between Betty Lake and Goat Lake.
  5. White Mountain Climb “Hell Hill:” There are many game trails on this portion. The trails made by people have dashes cut into the trees. Animals may eat the ribbons in this area too.

Age Group Records

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